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A RPZ Valve (Reduced Pressure Zone Valve) is a kind of backflow prevention product that’s used to protect water supplies against contamination.

RPZ Valve – Backflow prevention devices are generally categorized into three groups: an assembly, a device or a method. Except for elimination, these are the only ways to control backflow from occurring. Backflow assemblies typically have two sturdy isolation valves with correctly positioned test ports.

These assemblies have the unique benefit of being in-line serviceable and can be tested and repaired without the need to remove an installed assembly. Specific accredited courses are given to test and repair backflow assemblies and only accredited testers can perform testing.

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Trusted & Efficient Backflow Preventer

When functioning appropriately, RPZs are a trusted and efficient backflow preventer product. A reduced pressure zone set up includes a valve for inlet shutoff, two check valves divided by a pressure relief valve, four test cocks plus an outlet valve.

Reduced pressure zone assemblies are available in a number of designs. Select an inline configuration for underground installation and an ‘n’ configuration above ground.

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RPZ assemblies are:

  • * Suitable for both above or below ground installation.
  • * Horizontal install is required unless factory-configured for alternatives.
  • * Protects against back-siphonage and back-pressure.

A RPZ Valve is regarded as suited to hazard applications where the result of backflow into the drinking water supply could result in considerable danger. They are considered effective largely because they prevent back pressure and back-siphonage due to their design and because they’re testable to ensure correct function.

RPZ Valves are frequently selected as opposed to an air gap because the head loss across the valve is much less.

These devices consist of a pair of independent check valves that have a pressure monitoring chamber in between. The chamber is held at a pressure that’s less than the water supply pressure but still sufficient to be useful. The lower pressure is maintained by a differentiating relief valve that reduces extra pressure in the chamber by discharging it to a drain. Four testers are placed to enable verification of correct functioning of the valve with a differentiating pressure gauge.

A pair of gate valves are included to enable testing and maintenance. Facilities that require continual water pressure need to install two RPZ Valves parallel to one another so that one is available to supply water while the other is tested. Discharged material from the relieving device is a sign that a check valve may be leaking beyond their shutoffs or the valve is malfunctioning. Some standard water use conditions might cause short periods of discharge.

A good example of where backflow would cause a risk to the potable water supply is the utilization of well-washing products inside of underground sewer pumping stations. On occasion, untreated sewage could have a number of unsafe gases that could break down and degrade concrete.

Well washers are used to spray water and clean contaminated concrete walls of a well. Well washers are typically installed with RPZ Valves in the event a pumping station malfunctions, and the sewage level increases above the well washer, which can result in backflow going down the water supply lines.

RPZ Valve – Test Pro

A reduced pressure zone valve is tested with an instrument called a differential gauge which utilizes hoses attached to the various testers of the RPZ Valve and checks to make sure that the valve springs and relief valve spring are working correctly.

There’s a wide variety of manufacturers of these gauges, but many use either a three-valve or a five-valve design to test the RPZ. In the state of Illinois the RPZ Valve has to be professionally tested at least once per year by an authorized tester.

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